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Multi-generational homes are getting more and more popular. With the Active Living line, designing for those homes is easier than ever. Be on the lookout for all new photography of our Active Living line coming soon!

Explore our newly launched, sleek, and user-friendly website at It's the perfect platform for customers to discover our extensive range of product lines, door styles, finishes, accents, and organizational options. Plus, don't forget to utilize our Dealer Locator – the key to attracting potential clients. Visit to verify your contact details for maximum visibility.

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Wellborn Cabinet, Inc., broadens your prospects for business through our full in-house fulfillment lead program! Wellborn uses various means of advertising and marketing to engage the attention of the home building and remodeling industries. Leads are received, qualified, processed, and made available to you daily. Be sure to follow-up, record your engagement, and watch your business grow!