Wellborn 2017-2019 Design Contest Entry

Entry ID: 100051

Riverside Constructi100051Kelly Grish
Riverside Construction
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Burbank BathroomBathroom
Size:8'-5" X 6'-0" and 10'-7" X 5'-7"
Problems: • Not enough lighting by the first vanity as you walk in. • Skylight helps in the other space with the shower, but still not enough light for the vanity at night • Everything is old and out dated • They are aging and are getting tired of having to step over the edge of the tub • They don’t have a good place to bathe their dog • They love their floors by the closet area and don’t want to have to change them. • The closets are on exterior walls and the one next to the shower has had frost form on their clothes before. • Vanities are the “old style” lower. It’s not comfortable to have to bend over to use the sinks Solution: • Taking out the walls between the 2 smaller spaces in the bathroom and vaulting the ceiling where possible to let the light from the skylight shine throughout the bathroom brightened up the whole bathroom. • Re-insulating the closets made the closets much warmer and got rid of their frost problem • Taking out the bathtub and making it a fully tiled walk-in shower with glass partition made a huge difference to open the space and make it easier to use as they age. • Adding and hand shower gave them an easy solution to bathe the dog. • The added utility cabinet where the second vanity used to be offered them the storage they needed for linens • The use of medicine cabinets with integrated LED lights give them the light they need when getting ready before or after daylight. • Leaving the existing wood floor with the dove cabinets and other gray pieces throughout the room adds warmth and some texture to the space along with the wavy wall tile.