Wellborn 2017-2019 Design Contest Entry

Entry ID: 100047

Riverside Constructi100047Kelly Grish
Brian Powell
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Birkhimer Kitchen RemodelLarge Kitchen (>42 sqft of Countertops)
Size:14'-3 X 10'-9
Problems: • Small and closed in • Very dark • Electrical problems, fuses blow • Very dated. • Lacking storage • Ceiling texture was peeling off the ceiling • Flow for cooking was always getting interrupted because of the traffic pattern and the way the kitchen was laid out. • Range next to wall made cooking difficult at times and the wall always had to be cleaned. • Wanted a fun, retro kitchen that fit the age of the house while making it feel more contemporary and giving it better function Solutions: • Moved appliances around to better use space and get the range away from the wall • Took out the partial wall next to the fridge in order to open the space • Took out all plaster walls and ceiling and re-drywalled. • Turned the kitchen into more of a “U” shape to give better flow and keep the cook out of the main traffic pattern. • Updated all the finishes to be new although some have a very vintage feel • Doubled size of sliding door to the exterior to let in more light • Added other task lighting and changed out all the electrical in the space to make sure it was bright and safe. • Took soffits out • Chose bright colors to bring out the vintage feel but also brighten the space • Chose white cabinets in a simple, shaker style to complement some of the louder patterns in the room • Installed cabinets to the ceiling for extra storage