Wellborn 2017-2019 Design Contest Entry

Entry ID: 100074

Riverworks Design St100074Jessica Salinas
Tommy Daspit
ProjectProject DetailsProject Date
Goodson Master Bathroom RemodelBathroom
Size:153 in. X 125 in.
Aspire LUXBel-AirHeavy Textured MelamineBarnwood Oak/N/A
Problems: • The master bathroom was the last room in the house that had not been renovated, so everything in the room appeared out-of-date, including the cabinetry and fiberglass shower. • The style was too traditional for the clients. The Goodson’s wanted a more modern setting while keeping the style similar to the rest of the house. • Our client’s wanted a larger shower and did not care to keep the tub or glass block window. • There was not enough cabinet storage for all of their things like bottles, a trash can, linens, towels, etc. Because of this, their countertops were always cluttered. • The wife did not have a vanity area to sit down or get ready, so all of her hair-products were in a cart that took up walking space. • There was not enough lighting in the room. • And finally, the client’s always felt cold in their bathroom and they wanted to integrate a fireplace somewhere. Solutions: • The most important factors to consider for their bathroom was to create a space with plenty of cabinetry and include a make-up vanity and a fireplace. • So, we removed the tall linen closet and tub enclosure, covered up the glass window block, and incorporated a symmetrical and simple cabinet design with two tall linen cabinets, two vessel sinks, and a 3 drawer cabinet. • I replaced the existing fiber-glass shower with a make-up vanity and a storage cabinet that allowed the hair-dryer and hair products to be stored in a drawer. • I moved the shower to an opposite wall and included a half-wall with a recessed electric fireplace mounted to the front. • 6 can lights to the main area were added as well as a large chandelier. • We also installed heated flooring throughout the main flooring area, the shower floor, and the toilet room. • Overall, I was able to give the client’s everything they wanted as well as making it a more functional space. • The finishes that we chose captured the glamorous and bright atmosphere that the original space did not attain.